Amalfi Vein Center

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Available treatments are non-surgical, with minimal discomfort

Amalfi Vein Center & Medical Spa welcomes you to where state-of-the-art medical technology merges with comfort and caring.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: At Amalfi Vein Center & Medical Spa, we provide exceptional medical care and unparalleled health service to our patients, clients and guests.

The Vein Center at Amalfi is unique to Traverse City. It is the only vein center with a Board Certified Cardiac-Vascular Surgeon evaluating patients and performing vein treatments. A free initial consultation is offered, allowing the Doctor to recommend the best plan of treatment for your individual needs.

The Medical Spa at Amalfi provides services that will further enhance your innermost beauty and outermost expression. A free initial consultation with a health care specialist will determine which treatments are right for you.

Dr. David

The Doctor is the difference...

Dr. David Amalfitano

hiding legs

It's time to stop hiding your legs!

Don't suffer with the pain and embarrassment of varicose veins any longer. The Amalfi Vein Center has the most pain free alternative vein solutions available anywhere.

facial services

Look younger, no surgery

The Amalfi staff will develop customized treatment options for a more youthful you with their medical spa services.


Amalfi Vein Center
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